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ELBEX P.H.U. Stalowa Wola is a Polish Export-Import company. We provide a wide range of spare parts for Dresser construction equipment manufactured under Dressta brand by polish factory Huta Stalowa Wola. ELBEX, with several years experience in this branch, completes the distribution network for HSW. We put "The quality is first, the customer is the most important".

Elbex P.H.U. is located in Stalowa Wola, so we have direct contact and maintain close cooperation with the producer - Huta Stalowa Wola. HSW is the major Polish manufacturer of earthmoving and construction machines. The company was founded in 1937 as a supplier of military equipment.

However, following improvement of international relations (cooperation and license agreements with Jones Cranes Ltd. 1969, Stetter GmbH 1970, Coles Cranes Ltd. 1971 and US companies: Clark Equipment Co. and finally International Harvester Co. (IHC) 1972) HSW underwent a process of great reorganization and changing the production profile. In the meantime IHC was replaced by its successors of construction equipment line, Dresser Industries, then by Komatsu Dresser and by Komatsu America International Company. Earthmoving and construction machines.

Today, because of fast enough adapting to new economic environment after political changes in 1990, HSW is a leading Central European manufacturer of world class Dressta crawler dozers and crawler loaders, pipe-layers and wheel loaders.
Elbex,s goal is doing our best to provide our clients with the highest standard of service and make the cooperation satisfactory. Undercarriage parts for dressta dozer.
Elbex P.H.U. ul. Kazimierza Mireckiego 15, 37-450 Stalowa Wola, tel./fax: +48 15844 25 79, 813 66 91, mobile: +48 509 387 058

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